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Our exports and logistics company

We’re a Leading Provider of Produce from Vietnam to Europe

Welcome to Saigon Exports! We are a logistics company specializing in the export of premium agricultural organic products from Vietnam farms, directly to your doorstep. Our product offerings include:

Coffee bean plant


  • High-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee in various forms, including green, roasted, and ground
  • Specialty and blended coffee options to cater to different tastes, including Culi coffee
  • Coffee roasting machines
Woman holding tea


  • Our selection of organic teas includes Green tea, Black tea, Oolong tea, Herbal teas, White tea, and Fresh tea, all sourced from Vietnam farms
  • We can also customise our teas to suit your preferences and needs.


  • Vietnam is the world's largest peppercorn exporter
  • Our stock includes white and black pepper, available in whole and ground forms

Nuts & Seeds

  • We specialize in cashew nuts with different levels of quality, ranging from First quality Fancy to Dessert (D)
  • Customisation options with flavors such as wasabi, honey, salt, butter, chocolate, garlic, and chillies, to provide unique and delicious nut products

About us

We Understand the European Market and Tastes

Strawberry Garden

We are an exports and logistics company focused on sourcing and shipping the best produce from Vietnam to Europe.

Our founders are a mix of Vietnamese and European so we understand both cultures and tastes.

We strongly believe in fair treatment and payment of all workers in our supply chain. We build direct relationships with farmers and small businesses and ensure high standards and sustainable practices.

Direct relationships

farms and small businesses

Exporting to

countries and regions

Case Study

Our partner's coffee farm in Di Linh, Vietnam

Born on the misty plateau's of the Di Linh highlands we started our farm in 2018 to share our passion of coffee beans and elevate the perception of Vietnamese coffee internationally.

Our temperate climate and fertile soil in the central Vietnamese highlands doesn't just grow Vietnam's best fruit and tea, it's also perfect for growing even the most demanding Arabica beans.

Developed with sustainable farming practices our high quality coffee beans gradually conquered the domestic market, and now we hope to reach coffee lovers from all over the world via our partners.

Di Linh Farm coffee harvesting images


Price shouldn’t come at the cost of quality. We hand pick our suppliers for the quality of their produce


We make our farming, shipping, and packaging as green as possible and only work with businesses who pay a fair wage

Customer Satisfaction

We're committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and are happy to provide samples for you to try, as well as tailoring commercial terms.

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We are happy to provide samples for you to try before making orders, and we offer package production services to meet your packaging needs.

Additionally, we are open to discussing commercial terms, which can be tailored based on the quantity of your order.